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Renaissance Hotel of Toledo
By Michael Bratton | 

After nearly two years of renovations and more than $30 million later, the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Toledo is almost ready for business.

“It’s helping us elevate the City of Toledo to a whole new level,” said general manager Jeffrey Hassan.

With less than a week until its grand opening, workers are busy adding final touches.

“We’re doing some dusting and sweeping and just all those little, final things that you drag out right at the end,” said Hassan.

The hotel’s more than 200 workers—like those at Brim House restaurant—are also getting important hands on training.

“It’s absolutely imperative,” said the hotel’s beverage and food director Nick Murray. “It’s vital because we’re looking to take the food and beverage experience to a new level here in Toledo.”

A select group of people got to preview the restaurant Sunday night and helped workers get a feel for the job.

“It’s all a training exercise for our ambassadors—our staff—to really fine tune and dial into things we’ve been training and honing in on these past couple weeks through our training programs,” said Murray.

Hotel leaders say the new dining spot will bring a “big city feel” to downtown. With a local chef and locally sourced food, leaders say the restaurant also puts a focus on the Glass City.

“It’s craft, quality food—locally sourced,” said Hassan. “Everything across the board is really Toledo and Midwestern driven.”

That attention to local detail doesn’t stop with the food, as nods to Toledo can be seen throughout the hotel.

“The glass molds in the lobby on the front desk and also in the guest rooms we have a lot of throwbacks to M*A*S*H* to Jeep—the vehicle that’s been manufactured here,” said Hassan. “So a lot of those little things have come to life here.”

The hotel’s second restaurant is still under construction, but leaders hope to open the rooftop location in the coming weeks.

The Renaissance Hotel’s grand opening is set for Wednesday afternoon.




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