Wonder Bread building will soon be 24 loft apartments

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By Bill Hormann |

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Toledo is really excited about all the development downtown. But walk just a couple blocks up Summit Street and you’ll find the old Wonderbread building.

When Ambrea Mikolajcyzk and her husband Kevin walked through the old building, they thought it had great bones.

Walk inside the cavernous third floor and you smell the vacant building’s must more than the aroma of baked bread.. But there’s a new plan for the old bakery.

Mikolajcyzk says, “We plan on having 24 loft apartments. So this space that we’re actually in right now, will be 9, 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments, true loft apartments.”

She plans an open concept with 24-foot high ceilings and steel beam trusses, apartments on three floors plus two commercial spaces and an underground garage.

On the third floor, doors will open through a wall leading to decks overlooking the Maumee River.

But there is a lot of work to do.

However, Ambrea only seeopportunity here, saying, “It’s an opportunity for more people to come downtown, right, lay their roots.”

 It is a $6-million project they will start toward the end of the year and could be complete after 2-years, and in the process, save yet another building– this time in the Vistuala neighborhood.

Ambrea says, “We’re different because we’re willing to take a project that looks like this. We’re not running the other way. We’re running into the building to save it and so I wish there were more people like us because we need to do this work to create, to be a part of the change that Toledo needs.”

You really get the sense after talking to Ambrea that they’re going to make a success out of the Wonderbread building and they’re hoping that success spreads up and down Summit Street. So that no only downtown Toledo is revitalized but that it start to spread into the neighborhoods as well.”




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