Warehouse District warming up to U-Haul

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August 23, 2017
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U Haul Downtown
By Bill Hormann | 


The Warehouse District wants some of the vacant old buildings turned into living space.

But U-Haul’s plan, while not ideal to some Warehouse District advocates, got a good reception today.

The Warehouse District might be the most vibrant in Toledo.

From new restaruants and bars to shops along St. Claire to sports and entertainment to new living space in renovated buildings.

Catherine Schrein moved to Bartley Lofts from New Jersey. She says living here is exciting.

But she worries U-Haul will bring those bright lights like they have at their facility along I-75.

Schrein says, “Those of us who live on the west side facing the Willis Day right now, are concerned about what that does for our living.”

And there are worries about increased traffic along Washington Street.

Diane Keil-Hipp, president of the Toledo Warehouse District Association says, “U-Haul rents trucks, so are we increasing the truck traffic when the oppositie is what we’re trying to do?

So today, U-Haul reps met with the Toledo Warehouse District Association about the bright lights and big city traffic concerns.

 The company insists it wants to be a good neighbor and will promise.

No Bright Lights.

Cargo Vans not big moving trucks.

And historic preservation of the building.

Walk one block away from Willis Day and you will find four residential buildings with about a thousand residents who need storage.

So a U-Haul down the block could fit in nicely.

Keil-Hipp says residents can, “Get quick access to their things, perhaps rent a truck if they’re moving some furniture and return the truck and walk back and so that was appealing.”

The Association is warming up to U-Haul.

The company rep told me off camera after the meeting, U-Haul could close on the building in a couple weeks and then spend perhaps 4-million dollars in renovations.