Bill Hormann, TOLEDO – (WTVG)

Head up to the third floor of the building at 625 Adams and you see the old charm of a 125-year old warehouse.

But talk to the developer and you’ll hear about modern upgrades as he builds five new apartments.

Perry Teplitsky says, “Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, plank flooring. We’re really excited about the project. Those are all things millennials want when they come downtown. Everybody wants it, that concept. We think it’s going to take off very very well.”

Three apartments up on the third floor, two apartments on the second.

Two and three bedroom units range in size from 1400 to 2000 square feet, costing up to $2300/month. But for that price you get internet, parking, tight security, maid service and a great view of the courthouse.

Alison Graff is the local designer who’s putting this together. She intends on using local materials. and giving residents a custom look.

Graff says, “I imagine the tenants may become friends and I didn’t want them to go next door, oh, I have the same exact kitchen.”

Construction will begin before December and should be complete by April, 2019.

“It’s happening and there’s a lot of excitement going on,” says Teplitsky. “Like I said, there’s restaurants here, there’s a lot of businesses here. We’re right adjacent from the courthouse. There’s a lot of excitement and a lot of electricity.”

Here’s what’s really interesting about this project. Remember, five apartments. They haven’t even begun work yet. They’ve already sold one of the apartments. You can tell that the Lofts on Adams are really going to be something special.

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