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May 28, 2017
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May 28, 2017
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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) – A lot of the pieces on display at the Toledo Museum of Art make you want to take a second look, but one in particular is getting a lot of looks It’s an indoor rainbow of sorts, and plenty of people are doing a double-take when they see it.

The installation is called Plexus no. 35. It was designed specifically for the museum. It’s made up of miles of brightly colored threads, and it took weeks to create. The piece is even getting global attention.

Right in the middle of the Great Gallery, surrounded by the work of some of the masters, is Plexus no 35. Halona Norton-Westbrook is the Director of Collections and the Curator of Contemporary Art,”The placement is really about contrasting the old and the new, and those things having a dialogue with one another.”

It’s the creation of Gabriel Dawe, “It’s the 35th installation of this kind that Gabriel has done around the country. It consists of thousands of colorful threads suspended between the ceiling and floor. It creates this incredible installation.”

While the piece is very photogenic, Norton-Westbrook says pictures may not do it justice, “It looks beautiful in photographs, but it is even more impressive in person. It has an incredible multi-dimensional quality to it.” She also points out that it took a lot for Dawe to get the installation from his imagination to the museum.”He plans it all out in his studio, and we worked with a structural engineer to get the suspension right. It’s an elaborate process stringing all those threads from floor to ceiling.”

Pictures of it have been circulating around the world. Teri Sharp is the Public Relations Manager at the museum,”I have received messages from editors around the world. They have come from England, as well as other countries around Europe and Australia. It is spectacular. The light that comes in from the skylight changes, and then the installation changes as well. It is really captivating visitors because it truly looks like a magical rainbow. It really is a joyful piece.”

Sharp says the website has even named it one of the ten best installments around the world in 2016. Norton-Westbrook says after seeing the reaction to the piece day after day it’s a well-deserved honor, “I think the expression on people’s faces says it all. It’s wonderful, it brings out a joyous quality, which is so mice to see.”

The installation will be on display in the Great Gallery through January 29th. To learn more about it as well as all the other works of art and activities at TMA, we’ve posted links.

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