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August 13, 2018
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August 14, 2018
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Let no one be hungry.

That is the mission of the Martin Luther King Kitchen for the Poor, established in 1969 by the late Rev. Harvey Savage, Sr. It’s not just a soup kitchen; it’s also a neighborhood center where everyone is greeted with love and treated with dignity.

Even after nearly 50 years, “the need has never gone away,” said Harvey Savage, Jr., who serves as executive director. “There’s a portion of the population that will always need help,” he said, noting that one of every five children in Lucas County doesn’t have enough to eat each day.

Mr. Savage’s sister, Henrietta Savage Armstrong, is the head cook (or “the sergeant,” as her brother teased), leading a team that feeds as many as 200 people each weekday. She took over for her late mother, Martha, 22 years ago, and arrives at 8 each morning “to have my food ready for 12,” when lunch is served.

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