Plenty of options to shop local as you wrap up your holiday shopping

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December 11, 2017
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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) – As we get closer to Christmas, a lot of you are trying to wrap up your holiday shopping. And there are plenty of opportunities to buy your gifts at local businesses. In fact, shopping local is becoming a holiday tradition of sorts for a lot of people. They’re making a real effort to spend their Christmas dollars at home. We found all kinds of gift options in all different price ranges.

Local is a prominent theme at Handmade Toledo. Everything from art work to cards and clothing. Korie Sharrer is a Sales Associate at the store, “We are of course living in the age of technology. Machines can certainly do a lot of great things, but its nice to say that something was actually made by hand by someone who lives and works in your community. That’s a great way to spend your dollars because its all coming full circle.”

Korie says some shoppers at the store make it a point to keep their dollars at home, “One woman actually came in the other day and said she had done an all local Christmas last year, and she wanted to do it again this year.”

There are also plenty of local gift choices at Toledo landmark Tony Packo’s. Tony Packo says the gift shop is loaded with hundreds of options, everything from pickles to popcorn to apparel and a special ornament made by a local artist, “It’s a pickle ornament which is obviously very appropriate for us. The process of making it is very interesting. The artist puts the pickle in a mold and takes the hot glass out and then bends it. Each one is unique, so no two pickles are alike.”

Packo’s spreads holiday cheer all over the country and even the world for the holidays, “The states we send the most packages to are California, Florida and Arizona. There are a lot of Toledoans who have moved to warmer climates.”

There’s also a way for you to buy a present at Packo’s that helps others, “The 16th-24th we’re selling a $25 gift card that includes $5 coupon for the buyer. We’ll also donate $5 to The Salvation Army, so it is really three gifts in one.”

You have several options when it comes to your gifts at The Swamp Shop too. Adam Stone is the Team Store Manager for The Toledo Walleye and The Toledo Mud Hens. He says next to the start of the season, the holidays are the biggest shopping time, “Whether you want Mud Hens shirts, Walleye jerseys or 419 apparel, this is the place to come. As soon as November hits our sales and our foot traffic increase.”

And this Toledo team gear ends up all over the globe as well, “We’ll probably send out a total of 100 packages today alone. It’s not just our in-store sales that are busy right now, our online sales are very busy too.”

Of course that is just a small sampling of all the shop local options you have in the Toledo area. There are a lot of really great stores, so get out and explore.–up-your-holiday-shopping-464243103.html