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August 17, 2018
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August 29, 2018
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PnP Takacs

The Birmingham Ethnic Neighborhood Festival has come and gone for the 44th time, but there’s a place in town where you can still get most of those great festival items, including Toledo’s most sought-after Hungarian special.

Turns out, you just stay in Birmingham, and on a Wednesday go around the corner to Bogar and Genesee streets to Takacs Grocery & Meats, and owner Lou Takacs will be serving the weekly special: chicken paprikas with whole quartered chicken legs.  Lou described his third generation store as, “The barbershop of delis. You come in here to talk as much as anything.” Stand and talk.

Takacs is not a restaurant and the tiny, single-room shop of Old World specialties offers no seating. But the hot paprikas flies from behind the counter in to-go boxes — more than a fair share of which are generously sampled by customers as they’re leaving.

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