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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) – ProMedica is gearing up to move its headquarters to downtown Toledo. Part of the new campus includes a park, and it will be filled with artwork. One of the installations at the park is called Echo. It’s made from an early symbol of the Toledo waterfront.

Echo is massive piece that you will actually be able to walk right through. The pieces for the installation came from the old stacks at the former Toledo Edison steam plant. The plant will now be ProMedica’s headquarters.

The old stacks are just days away from being moved back to their old home, in a new form. The steam plant and its stacks were a focal point of the Toledo waterfront for more than a century. The original goal was to leave them in place, but they weren’t structurally sound and had to be taken down.

Artists Kristine Rumman and Dane Turpening have given new life to the old stacks. Dane says there is a special meaning behind the name, “The reason we called it Echo is because it comes from the past to the present. It will also be a big part of Toledo’s future, like an Echo in time.”

Dane owns Toledo Twisted Iron. He’s a steel fabricator by trade and he focuses mainly on specialty metal work. He became interested in art after a class at the Toledo Museum of Art. This is his first large-scale piece of public art, “A lot of people are going to see this. I hope it is an impactful piece of work for the entire city of Toledo.”

Work on the project began earlier this year, and it started with just a few people. As the fabrication work ramped up, Dane says he expanded the crew to more than ten, “We were working seven days a week right up until recently, and we’ve been working anywhere from 8-12 hours a day.”

The diameter on all the rings is about 14 feet. They weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds. This is the biggest ring, and it tips the scale at about three tons. And there’s meaning behind the color scheme. The darker rings represent coal. The lighter colors represent water and steam.

Randy Oostra is the President and CEO of ProMedica,”Echo is really telling the story of the waterfront and the industry that was there. It will be great for families to experience.”

Echo is interactive art. You’ll be able to walk right through it, “When you stand in the middle of the rings, they have an echo to them. We are hoping that will resonate with people, and they will have a different experience while walking through the rings.”

Dane hopes there’s a simple message in the creation, “I hope it inspires people, I hope it makes people want to grow and do something better.”

Dane and his crew will begin moving Echo into place next week. It will take about a week to finish the installation.

There are also two giant fire pits being made from the steam stacks for the park.

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