Mayor: Toledo’s economic momentum leads to nearly $3 billion in investments

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August 15, 2017
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By Amy Montgomery | 



Toledo doesn’t look the way it used to. Buildings that once sat empty now have new life. And desolate lots turned into brand new industrial parks.

Toledo mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson calls it economic momentum and says it’s not stopping any time soon.

“People are coming back into our city and, for me, it’s the jump-start for us to then work in our neighborhoods to do some of the same things,” Mayor Hicks-Hudson said.

In the last three years, more than two dozen companies have come to town. City leaders outlined the nearly $3 billion worth of investments with a map, posted in this story.

For example, there’s Secor Square that will bring in 500 new jobs once it’s finished. Plus, General Truck off of Suder avenue; a $3 million addition to the city. Not to mention Hensville and the pending development of the Marina District.

“We do have resources and we choose to spend them right now on our community,” Randy Oostra, president and CEO of ProMedica said.

Among the large list of investors, ProMedica is one of the biggest. Right now, employees are getting ready for the big move downtown. Oostra says now, they need more space.

“So, we’re looking somewhere in the downtown area,” Oostra told 13abc Tuesday afternoon about a fourth building. “We could either purchase a building, we could lease a building or build something from the ground up. We’re look at all options right now.”

He says they’re all about planning for the future. If that helps to spur what’s often called a “Toledo renaissance,” he says, it’s a huge bonus.

“This is where we are based. This is our hometown,” he said of Toledo.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says there are more opportunities for development coming up. She didn’t reveal specifics but says the city hopes to announce new plans soon.