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October 18, 2017
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October 19, 2017
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By Ben Cathey | 


The countdown is on… we’re less than two weeks out from Halloween. Costume stores are packed, and not just with kids.

So before you buy those five pound bulk bags of candy, there’s one local shop that plays on nostalgia for kids of any age.

“Wow, and it’s just like totally amazing,” Kristen Dickens said. “First time walking in, really overwhelming.” Dickens works at Boyd’s Retro Candy Store. The shop is across the street from Mancy’s Steakhouse in Toledo.

Gummy eyes, Dracula drool, Dracula wax lips, Dracula Pez – you’ll find Halloween specialties there.

“Things they haven’t seen for a long time,” Dickens said.

That’d be at Boyd’s Retro Randy, where it’s floor to ceiling spooky sugar.

“A lot of people like the Necco kisses,” Dickens said.

Not us, but there’s something for every taste, grandparents included.

“They end up getting more than the kids sometimes,” Dickens said.

If you’re at least 21 and have a taste for flesh and not sweets, you can join the horde this weekend as they try to set a world record.

“World’s largest zombie gathering,” Zach Lahey said. “So 16,000 zombies in zombie makeup.” Lahey is the president of the Village on Adams.

Adams Street can barely contain grizzly ghouls. Last year, 15,000 partiers painted the town blood red, all at the Adams Street Zombie Crawl.

“Most of the bars are doing a week’s worth of sales in one night,” Lahey said.

Seven bars from 21st to 11th will be fenced off to keep the sickness locked up. Organizer Zach Lahey says it’s the biggest party five bucks can buy you.

Since you’re in both the Uptown refreshment district and amongst a big crowd, finding your way in the past could be a challenge. Now, with more entrances, it’s something no mere mortal can resist.

“To allow more access from the north side of Adams,” Lahey said.

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