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June 22, 2018
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Cuban born Karel Gonzalez knew he would feature both the fried and boiled versions of yucca as soon as he knew would be opening Carlos Poco Loco with local Mexican cuisine restaurateur Carlos Mendez.

Now, before you skip right to fried yucca — which is delicious and worthy of your time with a wonderful cilantro dipping sauce — try the boiled version, the Yucca Mojo.

Atmospheric with garlic and butter, topped with garish pink pickled red onions, it is an intoxicating, ambush of flavor that pairs fantastic with any of the Mexican-Cuban offerings at Poco. The popular UpTown restaurant is the only Cuban-halved member of the Cocina de Carlos family of restaurants, and the only place to serve the yucca.

“I grew up eating this,” said Gonzalez.

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