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July 16, 2018
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July 20, 2018
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She was everyone’s grandmother,” said Corinne Cassis about her sitto [sih-TOO], which is Arabic for grandmother. And “she was one of the finest cooks anywhere.” People would come to her house, “they’d say ‘hi,’ give her a kiss, and they’d go straight to her refrigerator.”

So it made perfect sense to Mrs. Cassis, when she created a business that would sell the Lebanese foods of her heritage, to name the venture after her sitto, bringing that beloved woman’s spirit into the project. And into the food.

Sitto’s Bakery offers a delicious variety of items, including vegetarian grape leaves, spinach pies, cheese-topped flat breads, tabooley, eggplant dip, a Lebanese-style yogurt dip with Kalamata olives (it’s “more tart than a Greek yogurt,” Mrs. Cassis said), black bean hummos, and jars of Aleppo pepper and seasoning for fatoosh salad. The roasted vegetable dip, which includes beets and sweet potatoes, has no artificial sugars. “This year, the beets are extra sweet,” which comes through in the flavor of the finished product.

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