Artists from all over the U.S. take part in juried competition and exhibition for Momentum

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September 15, 2017
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By Lissa Guyton | 
TOLEDO (13abc Action News) – Momentum is a 3-day art and music festival in downtown Toledo.

It a free community event. It includes a juried art competition and exhibition. The big night for that part of Momentum is Saturday.
Tonight we’re giving you an early look at some of the artwork, and introducing you to some of the people behind the event.

This may look and sound like a phone booth, but it’s actually an interactive art installation in Promenade Park. When you pick up the phone you can listen to 70 different immigration stories in English and about a dozen other languages. The artist is Aman Mojadidi,”I was able to get three of the last phone booths from New York and renovate them. I converted the phones into audio players that play stories that I collected over several months in the five boroughs of New York.”

The work is called Once Upon a Place and Aman says it gets different reactions depending on the age of the crowd,”For older people it is a piece of nostalgia. For younger people they see it as a cool novelty. They take a lot of selfies with it. They see it as an antique.”

Like Promenade Park, The Secor Building is also full of art right now for Momentum This work is part of a juried competition and exhibition.
It features pieces from northwest Ohio and all over the country. Joanna Manousis is a Toledo-based artist whose work is part of the show, “This piece is inspired by a rose window in a church. Instead of the stained glass the piece refracts the light form prism pieces. There are 42 individual components and it took about six months to make.It is wonderful to bring attention to contemporary glass and what people are doing with it these days as well as the diversity of the medium.”

There are three jurors, or judges for the competition. Raul Parades is the head of design for Owens Illinois, “This is really a celebration between the arts and industry. We have local artists as well as national and international artists who are part of this show. It is truly a celebration around glass as a medium.”

The opening reception and awards ceremony for the juried competition are Saturday night. You have several weeks to see the exhibition at The Secor Building on Jefferson Avenue. It is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-6pm through October 14th.

We’ve posted a link with all the details of Momentum.