Artist who works around the world puts finishing touches on Toledo piece

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August 14, 2017
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The Trace Art Piece
Lissa Guyton Aug. 11, 2017

ProMedica workers continue to move into the company’s new downtown space.This weekend more employees are moving into the old KeyBank building, which is now called The Junction. They’ll move into the steam plant will also happen in the coming weeks.

One of the features of the new campus is large-scale artwork. There are several major art installations. One of the outdoor pieces is called Echo. The sculpture was made from the original smoke stacks of the old steam plant. The artist just put the final piece into place Thursday. And speaking of the steam plant, there is also some new artwork inside.

The inside piece is called Trace. It’s the work of Danielle Roney, a New York City-based artist, “Trace has 5,300 glass spheres and about 1,100 stainless steel cables that are suspended in the atrium of the steam plant.”

Roney works in digital media and sculpture and her creations can be seen all over the world. Trace was first designed in 3d space and then brought to life by a team of about ten people. “We spend multiple months putting every sphere in space one at a time per cable. You really don’t finish sculpting a piece until you are on location with it.”

Local artists have also been part of the project. Greg Melms has a precision fabrication company. He was brought in to fabricate the mounting panel system for Trace, “It’s great to be part of something so unique and so cool, and something that’s a part of Toledo.”

Greg says the suspended piece will mean different things to different people, “No matter which way you look at it you can see something different. There is movement in the piece, and the light coming in to this space really lights it up.”

And when it comes to light, Danielle spends hours studying its effect on her work “I spend a whole day with the sculpture from sunrise to sunset and I get my own moments with it before it is here for everyone else.” Everyone else will get a first look at trace in the coming weeks.