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By Madison Humphrey | 

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Buster’s been at Lucas County Canine Care and Control for the past two months.

“Buster is ten years young. This handsome boy, he came to us as a stray,” Laura Simmons-Wark, Community Outreach Coordinator for LC4 said. “He is so spry, loves car rides.”

While he’s waiting for his forever family, he’s exploring Toledo with LC4’s new “Dogs on the Town” or DOTT program.

This program pairs approved volunteers with shelter dogs for field trips. Outings can be anything from taking a walk at a metropark to shopping at a dog-friendly business: places you wouldn’t normally find adoptable shelter dogs.

The goal is to reduce kennel stress by offering the dogs a break from the shelter and to give them increased visibility in the community.

“It helps people see them outside of the shelter and in their natural element, having fun out there in the community,” Simmons-Wark said.

Buster’s favorites? Taking long walks and exploring the gardens at Wildwood Metropark and shopping for treats at Three Dog Bakery.

“It gives the dogs really great enrichment, and it helps people know we’ve got these amazing dogs at the shelter down here,” Simmons-Wark added.

Be on the lookout for volunteers wearing special backpacks with the message, “Ask me about this dog.” They’ll be equipped with business cards in case they meet potential owners out in the community. They’ve already seen numerous success stories.

“You never know when you’re going to fall in love and find your new best friend,” Simmons-Wark added.

If you’d like to adopt Buster or fill out a volunteer application, head out to Lucas County Canine Care and Control at 410 South Erie Street.

You must be 18 years or older to be a DOTT program volunteer.


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