I-75 projects could help Broadway Corridor growth

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By Bill Hormann | 

TOLEDO – (13abc, Action News) – Lunchtime on Broadway in South Toledo and this small Mexican restaurant is putting food on the table.

EmililaniMotavo, a manager at Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana declares “The enchiladas, the green one,” is the best dish in the house.

The restaurant is one of several businesses popping up in a Mexican and Latino neighborhood proud of its bright colors and murals.

Broadway has a great location between downtown and the zoo, trying to entice more visitors.

Janet Hickey, a member of the Broadway Corridor Coalition (BCC) says she wants people to “Stop in here get something to eat or stop at the gallery.”

But access needs to be improved and that’s why an engineer with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) met with the coalition today.

This summer, ODOT will rebuild this overpass at Broadway and lengthen the exit and entrance ramps at South Avenue.

It is roadwork that needs to be done on the interstate and ODOT wants to assure residents this $300-million project will not to ruin the progress that’s been made here.

ODOT engineer Michael Stormer says the department does not want to harm the area. “That’s the goal and actually improve and enhance if we can,” he told 13abc reporter Bill Hormann

Long-term, access to the area will improve. But in rebuilding the Broadway overpass, this iconic mural has to come down.

It is a short-term problem that ODOT says could be resolved by re-facing the new pillars to allow for a new mural.

Taylor Buricaga, a BCC member says, “We’re really working hard so that if something needs to be changed, we are really adamant about going back and redoing it.”

Going back and redoing is a a concept that works here as a neighborhood built in the 1960s seeks to find new roads to the future that may start with ODOT today.